Valentine's Day in Paris

Valentine's Day, celebrated each year on 14th February, is without a doubt the day to celebrate love. This century old tradition originated in ancient Rome. At that time, this pagan festival marked the "Lupercales", festivities celebrating Faunus Lupercus, the God of Fertility. Several folklore events were organised on this occasion and the event ended with a big banquet, during which men drew lots for their date for the evening. And luck sometimes meant that new couples were formed and could even lead to marriage! This was how the tradition of the romantic Valentine's day supper was created and has been preserved. On 14th February, men must choose their Valentine (or ask their partner to officially be one), offer a Valentine's day gift (red roses, chocolates, etc.) and invite her to share a nice meal. This is one of the highlights of the year for lovers who want to show their other halves how much they love them. Therefore, nothing should be left to chance, it is better to plan this moment to make it perfect!

A 5-star hotel for your Valentine's Day celebrations!

At the Hotel Marignan Champs-Elysées, we take full advantage of this day to celebrate love, which is why we offer different Valentine's Day services to all couples who want an exceptional experience on this very special occasion. Men who wish to offer their loved one a Romantic Valentine's Day weekend in the capital of love, can choose our 5-star hotel for their stay, with the assurance that everything will be perfect We have extremely elegant and comfortable rooms, where couples can experience romantic and magical moments, in complete privacy. Our hotel's overall atmosphere has everything to seduce lovers: very sophisticated and luxurious services await you, with a dedicated staff, who are committed to satisfying the customers and responding to special requests. Lovers will find various activities to amuse them, both inside our luxury hotel, and also outside. After a short stroll in the beautiful streets of Paris, they will be able to share a delicious meal in our hotel's Saint Valentine restaurant, before having a drink in the bar, in a cozy and intimate atmosphere.

Hotel in Paris to celebrate Valentine's Day
Hotel in Paris to celebrate Valentine's Day
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