The Marignan family is an illustrious family whose traces can be traced back to the 15th century in the heart of France. This great lineage of wine growers will become without knowing it at this time the most prodigious dynasty of all times. Discover among them, the most incredible and memorable characters who lived at the Hotel de Marignan.

Comtesse Kilouch
(1593 - 1643)

Born in 1593 in Las Louchas, the Countess Kilouch, a seer by profession, was heiress of one of the most beautiful wineries in the kingdom. She was the first owner of the place which will become with the passing of time the  very famous hotel of Marignan.
She died in 1643 without having seen it coming.


Princesse Des Clefs
(1625 - 1685)

Born in 1625 in Vérou, the princess settled in the family home in 1648. Fortunate and discreet, she spent her life secretly from one room to another, taking care to close them after each passage. She died of a nervous breakdown (blaming herself for not having married a locksmith) after losing her trousseau in 1685.


Baron Lux
(1768 - 1860)

Born in 1768, he was one of the most enlightened minds of his time. A brilliant inventor, he brought the place to light by organizing the annual "Lux" prize, which rewarded the greatest scientists of this century. He disappeared at dawn of a day in 1860 after a short juice.


Duchesse Nautila
(1792 - 1861)

A great explorer born in 1792, Duchess Nautila travelled all the oceans in search of discoveries and treasures during a good part of her life. Weary of traveling, she decided to put her suitcases down at the Marignan, which she transformed into a hotel that she decorated with all the objects she found during her tribulations in order to welcome all the great travelers of the vast world.
She disappeared not far from her bed in 1861.


Royal au Bar
(1822 - 1901)

Born in 1822, a stone's throw from a fish shop, this eccentric high society personality proclaimed himself king of Marignan after a contest won with sparkling shots at the hotel bar. Indisputable, he never did anything in his life, and his portrait still thrones today as the ultimate emblem of celebration and good living. He fella his decanter in 1901.


Sir Bruce
(1870 - 1948)

Born in England in 1870 near Battown, Sir Bruce began studying finance before becoming by chance of the night one of the greatest actors of British cinema. A lover of nightlife, Marignan was his favorite address in the capital. He spent long nights telling his anecdotes of stars that captivated the Parisian aristocracy. Last appearance in 1948.


Lord Decale
(1884 - 1957)

Born in 1884, in Layertown, Lord Décalé, an eccentric figure in the family, was the tailor attracted to his majesty.
He invented, among other things, the famous zigzag stitching that is still used today by all good tailors.
He disappeared without a fold in 1957.


Baron Cosmique
(1901 - 1977)

An illustrious character born in 1901 in a hot-air balloon, the Cosmic Baron - writer, philosopher and storyteller - lived mostly in his books and the clouds rather than on earth.
He flew over life with his aerial and dreamy spirit and flew to another galaxy in 1977.


Baronne Perchée
(1907 - 1982)

Cousin of the Cosmic Baron, the perched Baroness was one of the great figures of Parisian fashion.
Muse of the greatest couturiers, she spent her whole life at the Hotel de Marignan on the 1st floor (her large size obliged her to do so).
She transformed by her influence the place into an unmissable place of hospitality and world fashion. She broke her stem in 1982.


Princesse Nenu
(1914 - ?)

Born near a lake in 1914, in Italy, Princess Nénu went into exile at a very young age with her goldfish to live by the water's edge. Little is known about her, however there is only one picture taken by a biologist on vacation.


Lady Roof
(1923 - 1946)

Born in 1923 in Paris, Lady Roof was the most glamorous and sparkling young woman in the family.
She had a lightning career in film and fashion before a final fateful dive into a pool without water.


Baronne d'Offtalmow
(1929 - 2007)

Born in Germany in 1929, Baroness d'Offtalmow was a visionary. Inheriting her father's progressive lens factories, she took over the hotel (where she often stayed) in the 1950s and transformed it into one of the most beautiful hotels in the Parisian capital. She disappeared from the aristocratic field of vision in 2007.

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