Hotel with rooftop in Paris: the Hotel Marignan with view on the Eiffel Tower

A hotel with rooftop in Paris always has an extra touch. The view of the most famous monument in France turns any room into an exceptional moment. The Hotel Marignan in the golden triangle of the 8th arrondissement is no exception and offers you a stay under the sign of luxury and elegance.

Hotel with Rooftop, the terrace as the centerpiece of your room

At the Hotel Marignan, the Eiffel and Marignan Eiffel suites are obviously the two most prestigious of the 5-star establishment. They offer all the comforts of a top-of-the-range hotel, but are also under the permanent spell of their high quality fittings and exceptional design. The Eiffel and Marignan Eiffel suites are luxury suites in a hotel with a rooftop in Paris, and are quite simply grandiose. And yet, you will quickly forget them once you step onto the terrace. Treed, made of wood, with the necessary furniture for a few hours of relaxation, these terraces are a real privilege in the heart of the capital. The view on the roofs of Paris and the Eiffel Tower glittering every hour form a perfect setting for a romantic stay. On a certain February 14th, while waiting for a very special Yes or simply for the pleasure of being together as a couple, these suites offer exceptional nights in Paris.

Exceptional setting and services at the Hotel Marignan

If lovers looking for the perfect cocoon opt for the most beautiful suites at the Hotel Marignan, professionals do the same. No honeymoon for them, but rather an exceptional setting of elegance and design to organize a private reception, a product launch or any other reason requiring both space and a setting that makes an impression on the guests. For all audiences, private and professional, the use of the luxury suites of the Hotel Marignan allows to enjoy the amenities of the establishment. The hotel with rooftop in Paris 8 the Hotel Marignan provides reception rooms, the organization of the buffet, the projection room, so that all the ideas can be implemented. The know-how and experience of the teams allow you to enjoy the most beautiful suites with terrace in Paris.

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